Dynamic evaluation of the street lighting eficiency
Illumetric’s services are based on a proprietary dynamic system for the assessment and inventory of the public lighting facilities
The system allows to measure photometric properties on public streets and roads in accordance with the applicable regulations (EN 13201, RD 1980/2008). This is done in motion, in an accurate, quick and effective way, at the road speed and without need of interrupting the traffic. At the same time an accurate inventory of the analyzed luminaries is generated.
The system is applicable to urban areas, crossings and tunnels.
To know the efficiency and potential energy saving of our facility
To prioritize actuations and optimize investments
To verify consumption and lighting levels previous and after actuations
To optimize maintenance costs by selecting the most appropriate technologies according to the current legislations
We use a vehicle instrumented with state of the art technology for the measurement in motion of the most relevant photometric values, including a highly accurate geo-tagging of the acquired measurements.
From these data we are able to assess the performance of the facilities and to create highly accurate geo-tagged inventories.
Dynamic measurements

• In motion at the road speed

• Without interrupting traffic

• Measurement of luminance and illuminance with state of the art sensors

• Measurement of real energy efficiency according to European Standard EN 13201 and Spanish Standard RD 1980/2008

• Highly accurate GPS positioning

• Automatic identification and inventory of luminaries

• Creation of photometric maps

Assessment and analysis of public lighting facilities

• Highly accurate measurement of photometric levels (luminance, illuminance, uniformity,...) by means of an instrumented vehicle

• Assessment according to European Standard EN 13201 and Spanish Standard RD 1980/2008

• Public lightning energy audits

• Consultancy and elaboration of improvement plans, prioritizing the actuations according to the cost-effectiveness of the investments

• Simultaneous generation of high quality inventories

Plain and complete information management

• Photometric and energy efficiency maps

• Geo-tagged position of luminaries and control boxes

• Positioning of luminaries, height and relative distancies.

• Lamp type: LED, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH),...

• Photometric levels (luminance and iluminance)

• Visualization software provided with the results

Photometric map visualised with Google Earth (Image ©Google)

Facilities management

• Implementation of monitoring and management systems tailored to the end user needs

• Monitoring and control of energy efficiency

• Periodic reviews of light levels

• Definition of maintenance plans

• Optional service of centralized remote monitoring and management

Photometric measurements in laboratory

• Luminaries, lamps and associated equipments assessment

• Lamps and luminaries assessment (according EN 13032-1)

• Luminance and illuminance

• Colorimetric measurements (chromatic coordinates, CRI, colour temperature,...)

EEVA Project. “Evaluation of the real energetic efficiency of street lighting facilities using new dynamic photometric measurement technologies”

Funded by EEA GRANTS programme

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Medidas dinámicas a realizar en las ayudas IDAE (Orden TED/388/2023 - Bases ayudas Proyectos Singulares Alumbrado Municipal)

• Según esta orden, se valorará con hasta 15 puntos (de 100), la verificación de los resultados finales mediante la ejecución de mediciones fotométricas de las instalaciones ejecutadas a través de vehículos o elementos dinámicos.

• ILLUMETRIC es capaz de realizar este tipo de mediciones según normativa (a 30 cm del terreno según UNE 13201), no siendo válido realizar otro tipo de medidas (como luxómetros en techo o en capó).

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R.D. 1890/2008 [pdf]

Illumetric System Comparison report – LCOE


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