Advanced and Technology based
solutions for different
working areas

CIDRO is a Spin-off of the Cidaut Foundation focused on research, development and commercialization of any type of advanced and technology based products for different working areas, specially, in the road infrastructure, transport, mobility and energy sectors.

Advanced design
and development
of efficient solutions

In CIDRO, through the integral vision of our working groups formed by engineers, psychologists, computer experts,..., we are able to apply the innovation to each one of our products with the aim of obtaining efficient solutions for the problems and interests detected in our clients.

22 Mar 2019
(esp) Nueva normativa para la evaluación de los Sistemas de Protección de Pasos Salvacunetas (SPSS)
06 Feb 2018
(esp) El Crossafe en la revista “Tráfico y Seguridad Vial” de la DGT.
11 Sep 2017
(esp) El Crossafe en La Sexta Noticias
29 Aug 2017
(esp) El Crossafe (en prensa regional) salva una vida
10 Jul 2017
(esp) “Proteger los pasos salvacunetas puede salvar vidas”
Committed with the culture
of 'Economy of Communion'

CIDRO is an 'Economy of Communion' company, profits are not our main objectives.

If you need more information about 'Economy of Communion':


Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo, p. 209
47151 Boecillo. Valladolid. Spain
Tel: (+34) 983 15 74 27

Info sobre Seguridad Vial (CROSSAFE y PEU):
Tlf: (0034) 651 55 65 45

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Tlf: (0034) 647 51 54 09


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