Culvert end protector
The impact of a vehicle against a culvert end usually means severe consequences
This device has been designed and patented by Cidro with the aim of preventing the severe consequences of road accidents of any type of vehicle against the so-called 'culvert ends' existing on the roads.
The Crossafe device is made by a series of structural elements set up in a longitudinal way in the ditch, designed for supporting loads coming from an impact of a vehicle and fixed in the ground by a structure installed independently. It is adaptable to any type of ditch, independently of the geometric and structural characteristics, since different elements can be assembled to cover wider ditches.
Ensures the mitigation of the injuries in this type of impacts

Dynamic tests carried out in an accredited crash test laboratory, using the same impact test acceptance criteria as the one used for road safety barriers in the standards EN 1317-2 (Road restraint systems – Performance classes, impact test acceptance criteria and test methods for safety barriers) and  TS 1317-8 (Road restraint systems - Motorcycle road restraint systems).

+ Crash tests of a passenger car (1,500 kg) at 100Km/h and impact angle 0º and 6º. In all the tests, the CROSSAFE system meant the best values: Severity index 'A'.

+ Crash tests of a motorcyclist at 60Km/h at several trajectories and position angles. In all tests, the CROSSAFE system meant the best values: Safety level 'I'.

+ Dynamic test carried out in an accredited crash test laboratory, using the same impact test criteria defined in the standard MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware): pick up of 2,270 kg and impact speed 100 km/h.

Ability to redirect the vehicle during the impact.

Crossafe, due to its mechanical characteristics and layout of the longitudinal elements, is able to redirect the vehicle, avoiding the impact against the culvert end and achieving that the exit trajectory gets parallel to the own roadside with the aim of reducing the possibility of impacting against other obstacles located behind the culvert end (buildings, trees, support pillars, etc).

Slope lower than 16% (slope 6:1)

The collection of structural and longitudinal elements creates a protective surface of the obstacle with a maximum slope lower than 16% (slope 6:1).

Easy installation in 4 steps without slowing down the traffic:

1.- Measurement (depth and width) and minimum cleaning of the ditch.
2.- Drive of vertical supports
3.- Installation of units
4.- Fixed in ground by vertical pins

No excavation is necessary, and the installation takes only a very short time.

• Low cost product with an optimum Cost-Benefit ratio (1:10).

It allows an easy maintenance (cleaning) of the drainage elements.

• Antivandalic.

No maintenance is necessary (25 years life).

Easy to repair in case of traffic accident.

Different awards (National and International):

• The best product “Spanish National Road Maintenance Association – ACEX 2013” (Madrid, 2013).
• The most innovative product at “International Road Safety Exhibition – Trafic 2013” (Madrid, 2013).
• Road Safety Innovation Award at 6th Spanish Edition “PONLE FRENO” for the Road Safety Innovation (Madrid, 2014).
• Road Safety Innovation Award at the international exhibition “Intertraffic 2014” (Amsterdam, 2014).

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