Evaluation of the real energetic efficiency of street lighting facilities using new dynamic photometric measurement technologies
EEva is a I+D project funded by the EEA Grants programme, whose target is to take advantage of the ILLUMETRIC system to obtain evaluations of the energy efficiency of the street lighting facilities at a local level, and based on real data
The system ILLUMETRIC allows us to register a complete and detailed set of measurements of the luminous levels in our street lighting facilities, opening a whole field of possibilities for the analysis and diagnostic
With the EEva Project, CIDRO intends to use the capabilities of the system ILLUMETRIC to create energy efficiency maps using “real data” (based on field measurements and not in simulations) and providing information at “local” level (by luminary or reduced group of luminaries).
Achieving this target will allow us to define low-cost but high-impact actuations, making possible the prioritization of the investments focusing on the most critical points of the system. This will allow us to optimize our facilities and to maximize the economical savings, with the consequent energy saving and reduction of the CO2 emissions.
What is the EEA Grants programme?

Through the EEA (European Economic Area) and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway help to reduce economic and social disparities and strengthen cooperation with 16 countries in Central and Southern Europe.

For the period 2009-2014, €993.5 million euro has been set aside under the EEA Grants. Norway provides 95.8%, Iceland 3.0% and Liechtenstein 1.2%. There are 32 programme areas within different sectors ranging from environmental protection and climate change to civil society and research.

EEA Grants programme in Spain

Spain has received funding since the EEA Agreement came into force in 1994. For the period 2009-2014, Spain has been allocated €45.9 million; equal to the previous five-year period.

Key areas of support:

• Increasing environmental research and development of eco-friendly technologies

• Promoting gender equality and work-life balance

• Promoting educational mobility

• Enhancing cooperation between research bodies in Spain, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

In Spain, the Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) has been designated as operator for this programme


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