People counting system
Over capacity of public facilities means to put people’s safety at serious risk.
Countrust allows to know in real-time the number of people meeting in controlled spaces, and give a warning when they are close to the allowed limit.
Why Countrust at PUBLIC TRANSPORT?
In order to achieve more efficient public transport management and fraud control, reliable users data are needed.
Countrust accurately counts the number of people getting on and off a vehicle (bus, train, underground or tram) at any time.
Why Countrust at URBAN AREAS?
Citizens’ welfare is affected by a good development and planning of pedestrian infrastructures.
It is necessary to get information about how these infrastructures are used by pedestrians. Countrust allows to know in real-time the number of pedestrians walking in a street, crossing or intersection, as well as to analyze pedestrian flow trends

COUNTRUST is based on IR technology to count people on the spot and to monitor them, being able to identify any path. Data are sent to a server which allows information to be displayed and managed in real-time.

This innovative technology is 99% accurate, showing higher accuracy rate than other systems. It provides optimum performance under any condition, regardless the weather or lighting conditions, even in absolute darkness.

Real time information and data analysis

COUNTRUST provides lot of information in real time. It is stored in a database to be consulted at anytime, allowing analyses and data comparisons:

• Individual charts for each line’s turnout, stop, vehicle, access or area according to day, hour, month or any other period.

• Comparisons between vehicles, stops, entrances, times, etc.

Non-intrusive portable system

The system is portable, so it can be relocated to assess turnout at different places or vehicles at different periods.

It is located over the area to be controlled, away from users, and it works without any interaction with them.

Management improvement

Knowing in real time pedestrian flows and vehicle occupancy allows transport management to be optimized, adapting services to real demand in every moment. Thus, resources planning is easier, services are improved and costs decrease.

Moreover, contrasting turnout with takings allows to find out the most fraudulent areas and periods, in order to establish the most appropriated strategies to reduce fraud.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Fitting vehicle fleet to real passenger needs at each moment allows improved services offered to users and therefore promotion of use.


COUNTRUST means an useful tool for security staff as it shows building or hall occupancy at any time, through automatic people counting who comes in and out across each access.

It allows hall or building capacity to be kept within safety levels.

Furthermore, in case of a possible evacuation, this system provides valuable information about the accurate number of people meeting the building/hall at that right moment.

Customized solution

COUNTRUST is a turnkey solution providing essential information concerning transport management, security management and infrastructures management.

Our development experts will work together with you to create an intuitive interface which suits your data needs. Thus, all information you need will be at your hand.

Smart marketing: Higher turnout areas for commercial impact

Entrance control: buildings, turnstiles…

• Shopping malls and exhibitions turnouts

• Queues management

• Privacy guaranteed

• Easy to install

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